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Ultra Training Week #1 Update


It's time to Run!

Ultra Running – The activity I never wanted, but happy it found me…. I think…:)

Ultra Training Week #1

I first heard about ultra running in 2017 when Courtney Dauwalter crushed the moab 240 with 21 minutes of sleep running for over 58 hours. That means in the just over 3500 minutes of continual movement, across gnarly terrain. I was blown away. I’ve ran a bit, played a lot of soccer but had always hated the running training side of athletics. Post 25 the majority of exercise has been travel, fishing, and weights. I started running again this summer, trail running I found, is my jam. I’ve been an avid hiker my entire life and being able to run around the mountains sounds fun I love the downhill runs after a massive hike up. The mental hook has been gobbled, a summer full of increasing endurance, strength, and stability set the hook and then watching a few inspiration ultra running videos on youtube and i’ve found myself hooked.

This is also a great chance for me to put up or shut up in regards to my book. The inspiration behind this journey is founded upon those pages. I’ve rigorously tested my theories and ideas throughout life and this visceral test of self is a vital piece of my work.

I’m also not going to be following your average training routine. I’m combining intermittent fasting, mushroom supplementation, NMN, and breathe work into my training. I will be training primarily in the cold throughout winter and exposed. The idea behind this revolves entirely around inflammation. Every single piece of this puzzle has showed marked improvements across the board on inflammation as well as down stream effects on endurance, recovery, and lean muscle composition.

In the beginning my nutrition wont be dialed in – I’ve found that when i’m pushing over 30 miles a week my body turns into different type of machine and the way I process, what I process, and when changes dramatically so my idea is to see where I am when I can get 80 miles in a week at that point I imagine a stricter and denser nutrient profile will be necessary (i’ll be making my own bars and snacks). Until then i’ll be consuming extra proteins and extra fats to help with the repairing of the damage and trying to drop about 20lbs slowly through winter.

So how did week 1 go? I hit 30 miles which is the goal for the week until spring. All training (minus weight lifting) will be outside. In additional to this overall big goal I have some smaller experiments and tests. The exposure combined with breathe-work has been shown to do tremendous things for human body. Personally it got me through my first marathon distance run.

I started at 7 am with temps around 19 degree in shorts and a t shirt. I was a warm as a button and everything was going great until mile 12 or so and my knee said no more. The 10 miles back was brutal and ended up in 5 miles of the final walk uphill home being one of the most excruciating pains I’ve had in recent memory. My legs were a litany of what i’ll call acute charlie horses when instead of the entire muscle rebelling pieces quite at different times creating a ceaseless stabbing pain moving constantly all over my legs… I did not know this was possible – something i’m sure i’ll be saying and writing more oft.

Making it home I was unable to walk for the next day and then Wednesday felt ok, let it sit another day went out for a 6 mile run on Saturday, more knee pain at the end.

So, i’m at the end on week 1 of ultra training and despite one of the most painful and cold weeks I’ve had in recent memory I remain enamored with the idea and can’t wait to do my first race The Peak 50 in May. My work has always been cerebral in nature and combing something physical with that work gives me a great personal feeling – something that feels more balanced. I have some healing to do, but also a direction to focus my strength training efforts.

All in all I remain excited for the adventure! Video update coming soon!

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I just started up a youtube channel to document this adventure. It is more than just another running story and encompasses the larger adventure that is the past 12 years of my life culminating into now. 

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