New Year!

Ultra Running Update - The New Year!

Total distance 36.6mi
Total duration 07:39:00
Average pace 12:32min/mi

Ultra Running Update – The New Year! The Plan.

Happy New Year! More happy solstice for me as we’re back on track to warmer weather. There hasn’t been an update because my knee doesn’t agree with me just yet that this Ultra Running thing is a good idea so we’re still at the negotiation table. Instead I’ve just been doing a lot of strength training of my legs and core, cold exposure, and research research research about physiology, nutrition, recovery, and running in general.

It is a time honed practice for me to just dump information into my brain and let it come up with the solutions it has worked with everything from language, to programming, even to more ethereal problems. The old adage “Sleep on it” shows its not exactly a new idea, but turning it into a practice has worked out well. Why waste that glorious consciousness on problem solving, worrying, and stress? The brain is there to do the heavy lifting. There is evidence to suggest that when we sleep our brains process the days information forming new neural connections – an artifact of that process is when we’re conscious ideas that might have been new or previously disassociated seem connected and clear. A reflection of a very physical thing happening inside our heads.

Anecdotally in a form of awareness meditation we can tap into this process to try and cut out the middle man of sleep. Intention is the programming language of the brain and the body so when you digest information with an intention behind it a process is kicked off inside that starts this mental association. Through this practice, after a bit of time sometimes an idea, solution, or general feeling will pop into my mind and proves to be an efficient road forward, no fuss.

And now that I’ve wrote that i’m putting it to the test with something I really don’t have any practical experience for – Ultra Running

What my brain thinks:

2 a day training sessions Mon-Sat: Reasoning is in days past I know my fitness grows much faster if I can wrap my life and head around it. The first run will be a fasted morning run of 5 miles +recovery and an afternoon 5 mile run +recovery.

Sunday Long Run: Reasoning – stupidity… no wait… this is where the fun actually comes in for me. I have some primal attachment to being able to run far, be tired then untired, tired again, then all of sudden full of energy and damn near wanting to frolic. This is also where I imagine the majority of the physical gains will come for the races I want to run, a 50 mile and then hopefully a 100.

My diet is going to be an 6-8 hour eating window in the day, focusing on consuming a bunch of foods high in electrolytes and nothing processed. Lots of eggs, potatoes, legumes, nuts, meats, broccoli, etc. The window will start with my first recovery and end with the second recovery meal.

Some reasoning: This is a play on a multitude of systems in the human body and at is foundation looks at this idea through an evolutionary window of timing and access. The assumption being agriculture is relatively new in the scale of evolution and we as a species spent a long time on a pretty specific hunting and eating schedule. Expanding on that foundation we have a lot of evidence suggesting the importance of different cycles in the regulation, uptake, and use of all the different process in our bodies. It also shows that keeping synchronicity between these processes creates patterns and behaviors that are highly beneficial in our bodies.

Extended reasoning: Included in this is also cold and hot therapy, supplementation (NMN, Lions Mane mushroom, Blended mushrooms), and stretching/yoga – all of these things stimulate different systems in the body that are intended through this method to support the growth and/or the recovery by focusing on specific stressors in the body (exercise, exposure, breathe work) and activating specific system at specific times (vascular, fungal, cannibinoid, circadian, metabolism).

My challenges are going to be the weather early on (winter in colorado) but the goal is to get this dialed in by march where the full routine wont destroy me and then i’ll start upping the long runs and daily distances.

Things will become more frequent here so check back often! Thanks for the read!

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