New Year!

Ultra Running Training Update

Total distance 36.6mi
Total duration 07:39:00
Average pace 12:32min/mi

Cold weather, cold showers, body composition changes, and a cold.

Progress, perhaps not exactly at the level I want, but on every front i’m making progress. Re-wiring routines to influence behavior is a prococess. Often I read and see advice and motivational videos say do “X” get “Y” Results – this always misses the key compenent that underlies the process and is consequently where people experience the most failure in changing habits, diets, routines, and ultimately behavior. Between the path of x and y is a repeating cycle of will/intent vs old behavior it is a cycle because everyday these two balance themselves. If our continued intent is strong enough we override that old pattern and begin laying the foundation for a new pattern. Some days we slip, but when we slip something interesting happens – it doesn’t wash away all that previous work and intent. Instead, studies show, that it is more of a self-contained map that retains this intent and effort, and with each success and failure we add to the map until it becomes as easy or easier to navigate than our previous map it becomes our go-to pattern. The old map doesn’t disappear, but it is less and less easy to read as all of the new experiences we have are now more tied to the new map. Yet every now and them we find ourselves existing in an old cycles, reading olds maps, perhaps for nostalgia, perhaps a response to something unexpected that our new map doesn’t have a legend for. These trips down literal memory lanes lasts much shorter, but are important reflection points. It is basically a crossroads between the maps, and when you re-affirm your intent to utilize and expand the new map our brains now say -“Ok, new map it is!” – until the next junction, and next, and next, and for some behaviors that have been with us for long periods of time this can happen for years.

Sometimes, I find it helpful to compare this to programming as via our choices we are directly programming not only our experience, but our response to that experience – this programming loop of cause and effect is recorded in our memory. As the choice loop continues to run the equation of choice changes because it is the sum of experience weighed against intent and balanced by the potentiality of that reality.

All that is a fancy way of me saying I haven’t ran this week. ๐Ÿ™‚ a slight cold didn’t help. Like tuning a radio station – you get that slight bit of feedback before you find that resonance.

However, I have made a lot of progress on a lot of other important fronts – poco y poco – little by little.

If I can climb these other supporting mountains of change in my life I know the running will be that much easier journey.

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