The State of Things

Its the end of the world as we know it… or is it?


One perspective is the math. If we take growth models and apply some of the statistics we have on the corona virus and extrapolate that the contagion lives on some surfaces up to 9 days, is airborne, it takes days-weeks to incubate in a host,  and can infect people before hosts show symptoms then it stands to reason that its been making its way through major population centers from mid-January and at this point will probably end up as ubiquitous as the flu. End of the world? Probably not. 

Yet, the end of the world as we know it is a bit more complex than simply one virus making the rounds. If we look at the effects this is having as another perspective there is a lot of interesting takeaways. 

Markets: Capitalism has many mantra’s and one is never to let a good crisis go to waste.  Usually, in times like this, we see a run up on Treasury bonds, gold, and investments like bitcoin. Indeed the FED injected 1.5 trillion into the bond market, but it made a little splash and may as well have been a stone thrown into a wave. The reasons could be varied and is more likely a combination of reasons than one specific takeaway. In the lineup, we have a potentially overextended investment sector that lacks liquidity (cash money) to buy up these assets which in a word or two is not good. Another factor could be a general fear of the unexpected as the root cause of this particular crisis is a new flavor and investors are waiting to get more information to guide their next steps. Speculation could continue, but I feel the takeaway here is the novelty of this crisis combined with a global intertwined society has put the entire world’s markets on new and unknown economic ground. 

Supply Chains: Where does your TP come from? The vast majority of toilet paper is bought from 3 companies, but where do those 3 companies manufacture this white gold? If you guessed not in the USA you’d be pretty right. If you guessed not in the majority of the developed world, you also are pretty right. The generic medicines that every hospital in the western world relies upon? Without the ability for pharmaceutical companies to rake people across the coals with 1500% markups those have all be off-shored. You’re electronics, the computer chips in your cars, household items? Yup, those all reside in countries where the labor cost (read: slave/child/indentured labor) and manufacturing cost (lack of regulations/safe working conditions/and general oversight) are low. Indeed the vast majority of products that aren’t concerned about intellectual property fall into this category. It is the reason when you type a product into amazon you get thousands of results. 

Social – in our ‘modern’ age people’s ability to deal with actual people is dismal in most places and downright hostile often enough that we have all sorts of rules and laws to attempt to ‘protect’. The erosion of the historical community has been happening long before this global hysteria, but it is through events like this where the effects of that degradation are keenly felt. As the constant moving target of what to do is being replaced with closures, cancellations, and warnings the seemingly ever-present distractions of society are being replaced with hysteria. No more events, sports, concerts, social gatherings? Oh my! 

Politics: A plethora of bloodsuckers seems perfectly fitting in this current situation. It seems that at all levels of political systems across the world there is a consistent message of ‘we care, but we don’t care’. Rather through indecision, inaction, or over-actions, we’re seeing the host of responses lean to the extremes. In any crisis, measures taken should follow their namesake and be measured. Yet we find ourselves embroiled in a cacophony of a mixed response. 

The Global Society: If the above explorations indicate anything it is that we are all connected. Despite that interconnectedness we remain divided as a race of people. Those divisions, those absolutes are responsible for the ineptness, delays, grandstanding, and indecision that is currently magnifying this pandemic into something that is more than itself. It is our archaic adherence to the absolutes we use to define our various tribalisms, divisions, and professed differences that are derailing the various systems of the world that have evolved to be what they are. 

Indeed all of this combined suggests that we stand upon a precipice of change even if those changes are responses to the above situations they will have lasting impacts for a time to come. Historically when there are times of burden, great upheaval is more likely to occur. With an election looming in the US a magnifying lens will be focusing on aspects of government and private industry that have worked exceptionally hard to remain outside that lens of discernment.  The gimmick of “look over here not over there” loses significant potency when people can’t get toilet paper to wipe their ass. 

It may well be the end of the world as we know it, but the world won’t end just yet

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Patreon is a great way for me to fund this entire adventure from gear to race buy ins and maybe even a smidge for my time – join the party for as little as $1 a month and be a part of the journey!


Sweatcoin is an awesome concept of a crypto-currency based system that rewards your to move around! Get paid to walk & run, get special offers for your hard earned sweatcoins!


I just started up a youtube channel to document this adventure. It is more than just another running story and encompasses the larger adventure that is the past 12 years of my life culminating into now. 

No Absolutes

The philosophy that is inspiring this journey, check out the preview my clocking button! This is my first book and is self published you can order on this site or amazon! 

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no absolutes- a framework for life -philosophy - life



What does it mean to be alive, to be human, to be you? A form of this question finds itself at the root of seemingly every aspect of society and life throughout our history. The responses to this question have propelled us to many seemingly great and terrifying levels and feats. It is one of the main motivators of communities, religions, political systems, and nations. It defines our journey through life at a foundational level and influences every moment of existence.    Yet for all our responses to this question we remain rudderless, divided, and in precarious positions at seemingly all levels of society everywhere we turn. Why?    Are these failures a feature of humanity? History repeating itself? Punishment from a magic sky wizard? God? Aliens?    Or is it something more simple and aligned with how existence, reality, and nature operate?    Occam’s razor – is a principle from philosophy that states often the most simple explanation to an event is the more likely reality.    History, industry, the sciences, and indeed seemingly all of societies nuances are replete with examples of this principle in action. Through complex actions and sometimes generations of innovation and change we continually find the simplicity in what we previously believed to be inconceivably complex if not entirely impossible.    Yet we still define much of our world through absolute’s.    This short book is an extension of this process applied universally as a simple framework that resonates with reality instead of rigidly attempting to shape it into an absolute form.    This is No Absolutes no-absolutes-a-framework-for-life-forest-through-the-trees

Finding the path

What if I told you that your problems could be solved, you could be relieved of your existential dread, and that this existence we call reality is fluid and never absolute and by at least trying to understand this your quality of life would improve?  Likely, your first reaction is some form of non-acceptance depending on the nuances of your background. How could it not be? After all, we’re taught nothing but absolutes our entire lives, we’re taught that concepts like good & bad, right & wrong, truth & fact, and the general unfolding of reality are all these solid things that happen to us. The reality is quite the opposite. We are, in part, the mechanism which drives this ‘reality machine’.  Once this perspective begins to be understood the entire dichotomy of our existence takes a very abrupt and dramatic turn onto a road filled with wonder, amazement, happiness, and joy. This is realized by understanding that the future is formed through our choice & our presence which is drawn from an infinite sea of potential.  As we traverse through life we’re bombarded, accosted, and otherwise inundated with concepts that define not only who we are, but also how we interact with the larger world. They push and pull to our sensibilities, our fears, our joys, and at some level appeal to our human nature. From what we put in our bodies, to how we live our lives, what happens after we’re gone, and every interaction between has a cacophony of ideas striving for resonance.  These ideas peddled as ‘truth’ are the lines that we draw to divide ourselves. We remain discordant in our interactions and find ourselves constantly at odds with the world around us from our personal experience to society as a whole.  Why?  If this question were asked of various groups and peoples the answer would vary between religious chest thumps, national exceptionalism, or other forms of tribalistic rhetoric. The much more simple answer is that these imaginary lines in the sand breed hatred, division, and entitlement.  It doesn’t take a profound leap to realize that these aspects of society foster discordance and it is that non-harmonious state that we find ourselves in today. This discordance seeps its way throughout our lives through our choices and impacts our relationships and even our relationship with ourselves. Adherence to these imaginary lines eventually leaves us stranded as the world changes around us.  Everything changes, everything is in motion – we can observe this in our personal lives and at a larger level more objectively through every observation of nature, society, even in our most accurate timekeeping creations. Even the cells in your body that make you – you are in a constant state of change, constantly recycling and growing anew so much so that roughly every 7 years most of you is a brand new you.  So, If everything is in a constant state of change what sort of sense does it make to apply absolutes to something clearly not? What purpose does defining reality through rigidity bring us?  How would life be different without these archaic ideas dividing us? no absolutes-a framework-for-life-snow-image

No Absolutes 

We can see that rather its the physical reality, the machinations of society, or the machines and systems we create that there is a fluidity to all things there are no absolutes, but so what?  Imagine your life, all of the events that have shaped it, how many of your choices were made because you felt sure about something? Because you knew it was right or wrong? Because it was a fact you had accepted? What if that wasn’t the case – could those choices have been different? Would your life be different for that?   We’re taught in nearly every discipline that is taught that there are absolutes. That there is truth, fact, right, wrong, beginnings, and ends. The reality is that these are perspectives at best and opinions at worst. When you place the world or life in this box of vapors we find ourselves grasping at invisible strings, doubling down on lines in the sand, and ultimately lost when the winds of change show us the majestic reality of the situation.  A reality that likely our lives would be different and by embracing that freedom, by believing there is at least a possibility of something different that there are no absolutes the world changes, you can find joy, happiness, and the wonderment of discovery again, at least this has happened in my life.  Belief is a choice and a choice is what enables all our future choices. If you choose to believe in an imaginary box your choices lie in a box, if you believe in an infinite sea of potential then your choices consequently open up into a vastness that would make the oceans blush.  No Absolutes is about approaching the world with simplicity and through this framework. A framework which is meant to be built upon through your life experiences, a frame of reference to discern insight into life challenges. A way to process that vast and rapidly-paced world around us, a mechanism to create systems for yourself that enable and enrich your life, and a way to approach the world that enables future generations to stand on the shoulders of giants we can be and not rubble of what we dreamed could be. framework-for-life


I created the philosophy of no absolutes from a continued effort to expand and grow my knowledge & myself while finding the place and places I belong and where I wanted to be in life. It began from a search for freedom. I traveled paths known well and many paths less traveled to explore not just the physical world, but all the worlds I discovered. It allowed me to see my experience from a multitude of perspectives. Through that constant kaleidoscope, I found balance, a shifting pattern to living. In balance, I found sheer infinite potential. The potential to express, experience, and otherwise embrace life in any way I could imagine.  As these things tend to go we rarely see the whole picture while experiencing these pieces of the greater whole, but years later, many thousands of miles traveled, and countless wonders seen both visceral and non, I found the pieces began to connect here and there, until I found myself eventually with a philosophy that seemed to resonate at all levels of life. No Absolutes.  Along this journey I came across pearls of wisdom that worked as guideposts for me, these are 9 concepts that are simple but helped remind me overtime of the larger picture.  When we apply these concepts instead of absolutes to the problems we face in the world instead of each problem being an isolated and separate event they become a fluid collection of experiences which allow us to better frame each current struggle to build to resolutions that foster positive change for all and not a limited solution for the few rather that be individuals, groups, or society at large. Likewise, externally, it allows us this freedom in classifying and comprehending the world around us. This freedom grows into the systems, routines, experiences, and beliefs that find us more aligned with the natural flow of life and better equipped to navigate its waters.  

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No Absolutes - A Framework For Life
Now Available!

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Well, Well, Well

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Ultra Running Update – 4/9/2020

4.9.2020 Ultra Running Update – Ultra Update: Interesting times notwithstanding, The quest of ultrarunning continues. For me, it has never been about actually doing a race, simply the distance and

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