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No Absolutes Preview

What does it mean to be alive, to be human, to be you? A form of
this question finds itself at the root of seemingly every aspect of
society and life throughout our history. The responses to this
question have propelled us to many seemingly great and terrifying
levels and feats. It is one of the main motivators of communities,
religions, political systems, and nations. It defines our journey
through life at a foundational level and influences every moment of
Yet for all our responses to this question we remain rudderless,
divided, and in precarious positions at seemingly all levels of
society everywhere we turn. Why?
Are these failures a feature of humanity? Is history repeating itself?
Punishment from a magic sky wizard? God? Aliens?
Or is it something more simple and aligned with how existence,
reality, and nature operate?
Occam’s razor – is a principle from philosophy that states often the
most simple explanation to an event is the more likely reality.
History, industry, the sciences, and indeed seemingly all of society’s
nuances are replete with examples of this principle in action.
Through complex actions and sometimes generations of innovation
and change we continually find the simplicity in what we previously
believed to be inconceivably complex if not entirely impossible.
Yet we still define much of our world through absolute’s.

This short book is an extension of this process applied universally
as a simple framework that resonates with reality instead of rigidly
attempting to shape it into an absolute form.
This is No Absolutes


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