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The Paradox of Life

When we spend a long enough time on the path we find ourselves constantly confronted with a variety of paradoxes. Rather that be the physical world, our biology, ideologies, or choices the enlightened individual will see through the veneers, half-truths, professions, and the data to a world caught in a paradox. Many on the journey will be familiar with the words ‘as above so below’, but it will take years to begin to grasp the veracity of the statement. All around us and inside of us we see the ebb and the flow, the waveform of existence. From the movement of tides to the rise and fall of nation and ideas, the dance of the sun and moon upon our skies to the seemingly baffling minutia of day-to-day reality.

but what does it mean?

If you take a glass of water and run a constant stream into it bubbles will form where the force of the stream meets the resistance of the cup. These bubbles being filled with air will try to escape the water but some of them remain caught in the eddies and turbulence of the trough of the stream undulating with intensity trying to escape, trying to overcome the forces at play.

this is the struggle for equilibrium – for balance in the system.

one system in a myriad of other systems all playing out a similar scene, for to escape one is to be thrust into another.

In the vast interconnectedness of all things – everything that can happen will happen and all things that will happen have happened.

This is the beginning of a series of posts on the topic where I will explore different a different paradox and examine it through a similar lens relating to the larger picture of reality and existence. If you like this please comment/share this post!


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