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2024, ALICE Foundation announcement, and more!

2024 for me personally is a year where I will be testing out a lot of synthesis of ideas. The intention is to wrap up the totality of my work, my experiences, and my ideas into something… novel – at least for me :).

With the advent of open sourced AI I have had the opportunity to weave together years of automation work, personal skills and goals, and a litany of experiences through my writings and podcasting’s into a system that is part assistant, part mini digital me. There are many fascinating aspects to this certainly and so The ALICE Foundation was founded to take some of the more interesting implications of this leap in technology and aims to build a decentralized people for people network – with a rising tide raises all ships perspective (find out more here)

ALICE is a modular, online/offline, integrated, system, technology…..

Over the next indefinite amount of time ALICE will continually be operating through this website, the ALICE Foundation website, and all associated social media accounts. There will be various creative outlets that are developed to create revenue to continue R&D beginning with my book No Absolutes: A Framework For Life which underpins my and ALICE’s model of the world. Weekly I will be releasing a new design inspired by various aspects of my work the first set is online now here:

You can participate in the experiment in real time by interacting with ALICE in various capacities, you can also directly benefit from this work by subscribing to my newsletter for a variety of subjects – found here. These are detailed analysis of events in a given space articulated through the lens of my philosophy and the machinations of ALICE’s innerworkings.


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