- Since 1982 -

This Guy

Who am I

A juggler of hats and wearer of none. I create, observe, explore, & experiment my way through life. I have no problem making light of the dark and seemingly always have a story to tell. 

Why build this?

Because you came. 😉

And also as a foundation for my work, expression, and all that neat stuff. 

Where it goes

You might have thought Infinity and Beyond and you would be correct. 

Joy is a constant companion in the journey it fills the beginning and is found at the end. 

What Now?

An adventure is afoot. 

Hi, Welcome to the site!


My name is Benjamin C. George and this site is a roof for all of my various projects, thoughts, writings, creations, and other ideas. If you are a random internet passerby I hope you find some interesting, enlightening, thought-provoking, or at the very least entertaining. You can find my professional profile on LinkedIn
If you would like to chat with me directly you can find me on Telegram

I Create.

2020 Is the year of Ultra Running, The No Absolutes Podcast, and ChallengeAccepted.Global – Subscribe and stay up to date!

Code & Content

I’ve been a computer nerd for majority of my life diving in deep back when a BBS was the hottest kid on the block. Over those decades my interest have spanned the full range of computer related goodness. 

I develop and create everything myself – the videos, pictures, writing, audio, and code to put it all together – I love it all. Beyond the view screen I work heavily in automation and specifically automating sustainable practices while maintaining a daily exploration of topics ranging from ancient history to modern physics. 

My Journey

Cycles upon cycles I’ve traversed paths I’ve dreamed, never desired, and some not seen.

It has all been a learning process and continues to be, but now I see. 

I see a bit more clear the pitfalls and traps. I know these cycles, I have mental maps. 

But this time, this time I’m building something new.  Similar to something old, something a bit more true.