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No Absolutes’s A Framework for Life

The book presents a philosophy that challenges the notion of absolutes and encourages individuals to embrace fluidity, flexibility, and adaptability in their personal and professional lives. Here are some key points from the book that I believe will resonate with readers: 1. Embracing Fluidity: The book emphasizes the importance of recognizing that everything is constantly changing, including our own beliefs, values, and perspectives. This fluidity can help us navigate life’s challenges more effectively and adapt to new situations with ease. 2. Choosing Words Carefully: Our words shape our reality, so it’s essential to choose them wisely. The book encourages readers to be mindful of the language they use when communicating with others and themselves, as this can help clarify their thoughts and perspectives. 3. Seeking Balance: Life is about finding balance in all aspects – from our personal relationships to our careers. The book offers guidance on how to achieve

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No Absolutes Preview

IntroductionWhat does it mean to be alive, to be human, to be you? A form ofthis question finds itself at the root of seemingly every aspect ofsociety and life throughout our history. The responses to thisquestion have propelled us to many seemingly great and terrifyinglevels and feats. It is one of the main motivators of communities,religions, political systems, and nations. It defines our journeythrough life at a foundational level and influences every moment ofexistence.Yet for all our responses to this question we remain rudderless,divided, and in precarious positions at seemingly all levels ofsociety everywhere we turn. Why?Are these failures a feature of humanity? Is history repeating itself?Punishment from a magic sky wizard? God? Aliens?Or is it something more simple and aligned with how existence,reality, and nature operate?Occam’s razor – is a principle from philosophy that states often themost simple explanation to an event is the more likely reality.History, industry, the

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The Paradox of Life

When we spend a long enough time on the path we find ourselves constantly confronted with a variety of paradoxes. Rather that be the physical world, our biology, ideologies, or choices the enlightened individual will see through the veneers, half-truths, professions, and the data to a world caught in a paradox. Many on the journey will be familiar with the words ‘as above so below’, but it will take years to begin to grasp the veracity of the statement. All around us and inside of us we see the ebb and the flow, the waveform of existence. From the movement of tides to the rise and fall of nation and ideas, the dance of the sun and moon upon our skies to the seemingly baffling minutia of day-to-day reality. but what does it mean? If you take a glass of water and run a constant stream into it bubbles will

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