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The State of Things: Its the end of the world as we know it… or is it?

The State of Things Its the end of the world as we know it… *shrug* One perspective is the math. If we take growth models and apply some of the statistics we have on the corona virus and extrapolate that the contagion lives on some surfaces up to 9 days, is airborne, it takes days-weeks to incubate in a host,  and can infect people before hosts show symptoms then it stands to reason that its been making its way through major population centers from mid-January and at this point will probably end up as ubiquitous as the flu. End of

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Into The Swing of Things

Some Thoughts Into The Swing of Things Life happens and often it is sincerely lacking in any semblance of justice, fairness, or other placated ideals that really only exist in bubbles. So, what do we do when life happens? Personally, I find myself falling back into the rabbit holes in which I’ve done the most exploring, finding familiar territory and chipping away at walls that have been etched to their seeming extreme. Sometimes I find myself a little nugget or even a tunnel into another rabbit hole that I didn’t realize were connected. It is a way to gain some

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Terra Libre City

Portfolio: Terra Libre Project A continued effort to merge sustainability and technology to enable community at its most foundational levels. This project is forever on going. The Terra Libre Project “Free Earth” – This project is dedicated to creating a sustainable model for a community driven society. Click Read More to see the living document. Read More What is a sustainable community? We live in a time where, with proper leverage, technology can be utilized to create a Universal Standard of Living – something desperately needed in society. Interested? R&D has been taking place for 10+ years on this project

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Ultra Training Update #1

New Year! Ultra Running Training Update Cold weather, cold showers, body composition changes, and a cold. Progress, perhaps not exactly at the level I want, but on every front i’m making progress. Re-wiring routines to influence behavior is a prococess. Often I read and see advice and motivational videos say do “X” get “Y” Results – this always misses the key compenent that underlies the process and is consequently where people experience the most failure in changing habits, diets, routines, and ultimately behavior. Between the path of x and y is a repeating cycle of will/intent vs old behavior it

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Running Man Episode: 0

Once upon a time in days long past I made a webcomic – before a meme was a meme, stumbleupon was all the rage, and before the fall of digg. Something I always loved, so Running Man is a webcomic that will loosely follow my experiences in running and life as I re-ignite that old love, no schedule as of yet. COMING SOON! Follow Me! Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Last Post Store Want to run along? Patreon Patreon is a great way for me to fund this entire adventure from gear to race buy ins and maybe even a smidge

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Ultra Training Week #1 2020

24 Miles Ultra Training Update – Week It has been a great week for running in Colorado, nothing but sunshine where I am at, if not a bit windy, but I’ve managed to get 24 miles in the first week out. My knee seems stronger with each run as I focus more and more on mechanics. The week felt pretty great – it was nice to be back to running! I’m chiseling away at all of the multitude of pieces – the miles, the cold, the nutrition, the fasting, cross training, and all the technical pieces to eventual make videos

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