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That Startup Life: The Covid Special – Musings of a Technical Co-Founder

That Startup Life: The Covid Special For the past few months now I have been working deeply on an incredible opportunity called LittleNewt ( Now on the surface, Automating tax stuff for CPA’s, it may not sound the most thrilling, but building a fully automated system from scratch to do this is a bit more so. A startup is challenging to begin with and we decided to make it a bit harder by throwing a dash of covid into the equation, not by choice certainly, but it is what it is and a covid startup does have some advantages, namely

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Ultra Running Update: Da Miles

New Year! Ultra Running Update When was the last time you physically challenged yourself? Like, want to pass out on the side of the hill your on, but know you still have miles to go regardless? Your body screaming you should quit – all those lackadaisical moments glistening in your vision like a mirage? Your brain saying “we don’t have to do this there is a car, uber, rescue choppers even”. When your brain is actively throwing out alternatives to continued torture… well you know you’ve found the right spot :). When I first started this journey running a few

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Ultra Running Update – 4/9/2020

4.9.2020 Ultra Running Update – Ultra Update: Interesting times notwithstanding, The quest of ultrarunning continues. For me, it has never been about actually doing a race, simply the distance and the ability to function as a human on the other side. As winter has given away to spring I’ve found many fewer excuses to get out and run every day and the lockdown has given me a few less to boot. I’ve been doing 3 or 4 days on and 1 or 2 days off on the running cycle depending on the weather (I’m stingy I like the sun) and

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The State of Things: Its the end of the world as we know it… or is it?

The State of Things Its the end of the world as we know it… *shrug* One perspective is the math. If we take growth models and apply some of the statistics we have on the corona virus and extrapolate that the contagion lives on some surfaces up to 9 days, is airborne, it takes days-weeks to incubate in a host,  and can infect people before hosts show symptoms then it stands to reason that its been making its way through major population centers from mid-January and at this point will probably end up as ubiquitous as the flu. End of

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Into The Swing of Things

Some Thoughts Into The Swing of Things Life happens and often it is sincerely lacking in any semblance of justice, fairness, or other placated ideals that really only exist in bubbles. So, what do we do when life happens? Personally, I find myself falling back into the rabbit holes in which I’ve done the most exploring, finding familiar territory and chipping away at walls that have been etched to their seeming extreme. Sometimes I find myself a little nugget or even a tunnel into another rabbit hole that I didn’t realize were connected. It is a way to gain some

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Terra Libre City

Portfolio: Terra Libre Project A continued effort to merge sustainability and technology to enable community at its most foundational levels. This project is forever on going. The Terra Libre Project “Free Earth” – This project is dedicated to creating a sustainable model for a community driven society. Click Read More to see the living document. Read More What is a sustainable community? We live in a time where, with proper leverage, technology can be utilized to create a Universal Standard of Living – something desperately needed in society. Interested? R&D has been taking place for 10+ years on this project

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