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Running Man Episode: 0

Once upon a time in days long past I made a webcomic – before a meme was a meme, stumbleupon was all the rage, and before the fall of digg. Something I always loved, so Running Man is a webcomic that will loosely follow my experiences in running and life as I re-ignite that old love, no schedule as of yet. COMING SOON! Follow Me! Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Last Post Store Want to run along? Patreon Patreon is a great way for me to fund this entire adventure from gear to race buy ins and maybe even a smidge

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Ultra Training Week #1 2020

24 Miles Ultra Training Update – Week It has been a great week for running in Colorado, nothing but sunshine where I am at, if not a bit windy, but I’ve managed to get 24 miles in the first week out. My knee seems stronger with each run as I focus more and more on mechanics. The week felt pretty great – it was nice to be back to running! I’m chiseling away at all of the multitude of pieces – the miles, the cold, the nutrition, the fasting, cross training, and all the technical pieces to eventual make videos

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Ultra Running Update – The New Year! The Plan.

Happy New Year! More happy solstice for me as we’re back on track to warmer weather. There hasn’t been an update because my knee doesn’t agree with me just yet that this Ultra Running thing is a good idea so we’re still at the negotiation table. Instead, I’ve just been doing a lot of strength training of my legs and core, cold exposure, and research research research about physiology, nutrition, recovery, and running in general.

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Ultra Running Week#2 Update: Behind The Scenes

0 miles.

I decided that I should focus on getting the knee right and wanted to get a good chunk of the technical work done on the site. So I took the twofer. This site, all the graphics, the custom coding, the social media automation, etc is all some machination of open source projects, my skill, and useful/interesting interactions. So, for the curious I decided to open up the curtain a bit, talk about what is going on from the technical side of this project and some of those goals as that journey runs parallel with my physical journey.

As all of my projects I take a pretty fluid approach so the mechanics and scope can certainly change.

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