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Ultra Training Week #1 2020

24 Miles

Ultra Training Update - Week

Total distance 36.6mi
Total duration 07:39:00
Average pace 12:32min/mi

It has been a great week for running in Colorado, nothing but sunshine where I am at, if not a bit windy, but I’ve managed to get 24 miles in the first week out. My knee seems stronger with each run as I focus more and more on mechanics. The week felt pretty great – it was nice to be back to running! I’m chiseling away at all of the multitude of pieces – the miles, the cold, the nutrition, the fasting, cross training, and all the technical pieces to eventual make videos and a podcast.

In older days this was called the path of initiation. Where a student, who remains a student forever, moves on from years and years of study, contemplation, and back burner experimentation into a full on practice of what was discovered turning that knowledge into practice and into wisdom. Having spent everyday in study for the past 15+ years I now find myself at this vaguely familiar point. Where the rubber meets the road… in this case the rubber of my shoe ๐Ÿ™‚

So why do all of this?

I could perform some wordsmithing to eloquently capture the wonderment of adventure, the hope of a dream, the curiosity of an explorer, or the plan of a businessman and in part, they would all hold a portion of the whole. Yet in the middle of that there exists something else. The journey of my life hasn’t been entirely typical. Saving the backstory for another time I’ve had a series of experiences in life that have influenced which path I take with seemingly no rhyme or reason – until recently. After 15 dedicated years to this lifestyle I found a thread that the more I pull on the more I see it connects all of these events. Leading me to here, running in 2020.

I ‘know’ why, I ‘know’ where it is going, and am happy to be on the ride. Happy you’re here too, thanks for reading!

Want to run along?


Patreon is a great way for me to fund this entire adventure from gear to race buy ins and maybe even a smidge for my time – join the party for as little as $1 a month and be a part of the journey!


Sweatcoin is an awesome concept of a crypto-currency based system that rewards your to move around! Get paid to walk & run, get special offers for your hard earned sweatcoins!


I just started up a youtube channel to document this adventure. It is more than just another running story and encompasses the larger adventure that is the past 12 years of my life culminating into now.ย 

No Absolutes

The philosophy that is inspiring this journey, check out the preview my clocking button! This is my first book and is self published you can order on this site or amazon!ย 

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No Absolutes, A Framework for Life – Announcement

No Absolutes, is a philosophy many years in the making, available soon through this website and on Amazon. It is my first published book and is a project I am very excited about!

From the back cover:

No Absolutes is a book that unpacks and re-frames
our perspective of reality to reflect the very natural
and most fundamental aspects of how the universe
unfolds around us.

This is a philosophical framework for not just
viewing the world around us, but a way to begin
to make sense of and navigate that world with
more grace, poise, happiness, and wonder.

If you would like to be updated when the book is available please fill out the quick form below!

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Visualizing Information Theory in 3d

The slo-mo guys did an incredible video that explores fluid dynamics through a huge wave generating pool. In capturing that they created a wonderful visual model of information theory and the mechanism by which our reality unfolds. These spike waves are where information shifts from potentiality(information), into probability(quantumn), finally resolving atomically at the plane of existence we operate in visualized by the moment the spike left the surface of the water. The wave in this video is a single example of the phenomena – in effect this would be happening constantly, everywhere, all the time – it is the mechanism which drives our arrow of time. The energy being released causes a continual cascading event creating in essence a pressure wave – our arrow of time.

The waves coalescing together is all of the potential of a moment coalescing from potential to probable(the distortions field) to an energetic event (reality). Consequently the release of that event then flows back into the system as potentiality for the unfolding of the next moment combined with the rest of the field interactions (the waves constantly being generated. If you were to just run that pattern of wave generation, eventually you end up with something akin to a frequency and patterns in that closed environment will develop – much like popular experiments with cymatics. This would be more akin to how we actually experience reality but on a scale magnified to scales that become hard to wrap the mind around – yet that we’re able to fractally view at all levels of existence that we look at properly.

This interplay of solar objects is where the tide (just one massive wave traveling constantly around the world) come from and in fact drives all observable phenomena we see.