Distance6.00 mi
Duration 01:12:00
Pace12:00 min/mi

Run Log 1/11/2020


#SaturdayMotivation – Seek Balance. The most beautiful, wondrous, and awe inspiring spectacles of reality are a product of balance. #NoAbsolutes

The cold is becoming my casual acquaintance – I wouldn’t quite say we’re good buddies quite yet, but I could see it going somewhere ;). The circuit felt great today. I have a weird ping pong in my weariness when i’m training harder. One day the legs, muscles, and core seem to be like lead, the next day the legs are cruising along while i’m sucking wind wondering why its so much harder to breathe today. back and forth. Something  i’ll figure out over the next while. 

Balance is a central (hehe) focus of not just my book but my life philosophy as well and it is through that balance and constantly seeking it, that I have found much peace and joy in life. It is the difference between riding down a mountain or wave, and having a less than glamorous descent or near drowning. 

Total Miles in:

Total distance 36.6mi
Total duration 07:39:00
Average pace 12:32min/mi

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I just started up a youtube channel to document this adventure. It is more than just another running story and encompasses the larger adventure that is the past 12 years of my life culminating into now. 

No Absolutes

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