Distance3.00 mi
Duration 00:35:00
Pace11:39 min/mi

Run Log 1/13/2020


#MondayMotivation – We work in cycles, we program our routines into patterns, and patterns into behaviors – interruptions to these cycles is how we change them – like how a rivers course alters over time. 

Today was a tired day and I took one circuit at a pretty strong clip and decided to call it and push hard home. So, a bit over 3 miles and 400+ ft of elevation gain, which is mostly steep verticals and ends with a run up a final hill. 

Cold is becoming less cold and I enjoy that progress and I did feel the strength return to my legs today as things felt a bit easier all around and no pain to be had. I question if i’ll be able to get to a 50 mile distance  by end of July. Time will tell!

This site has been going through a lot of changes and will continue to as 2020 rolls out. I’m bringing a lot of interesting entertaining, and hopefully thought provoking content and this will be my hub! 

On the fun side of things I have turned myself into a stick figure and will live the comic life in the form of RunningMan! Thanks for reading – check back soon!


Total Miles in:

Total distance 36.6mi
Total duration 07:39:00
Average pace 12:32min/mi

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