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Welcome To My Site!

Interested in Philosophy?

Me too! In fact, I just wrote my first book on the subject! Check out a preview!

Do You Run? I Do

I’m training for my first Ultra Marathon! I will be documenting the whole process with stories and videos. 

Maybe The Science Behind The Philosophy?

My Philosophy is based upon My Theory of Information found in my living document The Infomaticca 

Want to Change Your Life?

I’m building a course about Living with No Absolutes – Interested? 

What I Do


These days my focus is on automation, artificial intelligence, crypto-currencies, and sustainable initiatives.


From the real world,  to digital expanses, and beyond – I venture where my curiosity strikes. I continue to explor, learn, and share.


Have a problem that needs solving? Need someone with a vast knowledge of technical solutions and implementations from automation to analog? Business Philosophy? Sustainability? I can help!

Blog Updates

Ultra Training Update #1

New Year! Ultra Running Training Update Cold weather, cold showers, body composition changes, and a cold. Progress, perhaps not exactly at the level I want,

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Ultra Running Update – The New Year! The Plan.

Happy New Year! More happy solstice for me as we’re back on track to warmer weather. There hasn’t been an update because my knee doesn’t agree with me just yet that this Ultra Running thing is a good idea so we’re still at the negotiation table. Instead, I’ve just been doing a lot of strength training of my legs and core, cold exposure, and research research research about physiology, nutrition, recovery, and running in general.

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Ultra Running Week#2 Update: Behind The Scenes

0 miles.

I decided that I should focus on getting the knee right and wanted to get a good chunk of the technical work done on the site. So I took the twofer. This site, all the graphics, the custom coding, the social media automation, etc is all some machination of open source projects, my skill, and useful/interesting interactions. So, for the curious I decided to open up the curtain a bit, talk about what is going on from the technical side of this project and some of those goals as that journey runs parallel with my physical journey.

As all of my projects I take a pretty fluid approach so the mechanics and scope can certainly change.

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Run Log 2020

Run Log 1/13/2020

Distance3.00 mi
Duration 00:35:00
Pace11:39 min/mi

Distance3.00 mi Duration 00:35:00 Pace11:39 min/mi Run Log 1/13/2020 #MondayMotivation – We work in cycles, we program our routines into patterns, and patterns into behaviors

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Run Log

Run Log 1/11/2020

Distance6.00 mi
Duration 01:12:00
Pace12:00 min/mi

Distance6.00 mi Duration 01:12:00 Pace12:00 min/mi Run Log 1/11/2020 #SaturdayMotivation – Seek Balance. The most beautiful, wondrous, and awe inspiring spectacles of reality are a

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