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I’m a lifelong entrepreneur, explorer, researcher, and creator. In the recent past, my business focus has been focused on automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. Upon my second exposure around the fall of Mt. Gox I dove into bitcoin as I see the writing on the wall that blockchain technology revolutionizes our concept and thereby cost of ‘trust’. This single aspect will propel the technology to be an integral backbone in nearly all industry worldwide.

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2019 will be a fascinating year from a technological perspective. With the weathering of things like bitcoin and the growing emergence of automation and AI I in business we are at the cusp of a technological revolution much in the same way that the dot.com era gave birth to e-commerce and a rapidly growing global economy this revolution will change the way we all trust around the world.

Currently, trust is often facilitated by a 3rd party and those 3rd parties are a massive cost. Titles, Deeds, Financial TX’s, Communications, Lawyers, Notaries, Contractors, and on. In fact, nearly every aspect of our modern society has a heavy cost burden of trust, but what if it didn’t have to?



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Blockchain – bitcoin/altcoins
security best practices
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data mining & analysis

social media automation
social media lead generation
business automation
business strategy

mass aggregation
automated syndication

automated systems
renewable energy
sustainable community design
theory of information 






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