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Well, Well, Well

benjamincgeorge.jpg no absolutes, a framework for life

Well, Well, Well

A Beginning

benjamincgeorge.jpg no absolutes, a framework for life
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I went from traveling in Central and South America for 6 years of digital nomading, entrepreneuring, and exploring to years of R&D, small business, a book, a couple of startups, and this is all underpinned by a continual state of learning to now. Now is an interesting time.

I’ve found myself as a man of reason.

Deep down like everyone the desire was always to be heard, but along the path, I realized how one is heard is important as well.

How do I want to be heard?

Or do I?

For the past few years, the ‘Or do I?” has dominated my journey.

If you are reading this then the choice was made.


Who am I?

I am persistent, fierce when I need to be, and mostly calm, I’ve been a performer, a traveler, an entrepreneur, a fisherman, a singer, a partier, an artist, a programmer, a leader, a failure, a success, a realist, a skeptic, a scientist, a philosopher, a researcher, an inventor, a jester, a teacher, a creator, a writer, an asshole, a lover, an observer, a runner, a fighter, and certainly not least importantly – a friend.

I reserve the right to invoke any of these hats at my leisure.


What’s the intent of this?

I’m closer than I’ve ever been, yet feel further away – while apparently contradictory, let me explain so obtusely to only inspire questions. I’ve spent the past 15 years of my life on a very specific type of journey – looking under, at first, every rock, then understanding rocks and being a bit more deliberate in my choices. Foregoing traditional paths in my own pursuits I have found myself… here.


What now?

A bit of a good time, some different perspectives, trials & tribulations, success, failure, a fair bit of fuckery, a good deal of kindness, and authenticity to foundationalize it all.

This is a bit of an open book. I’m in the midst of many projects, trying to train for some ultra running, and deciding to broadcast my journey. There is a wide sea from automation to anthropology (wrapping the alphabet). I will also be open to any reasonable debates (not interested in topics in which common ground and logic can’t be found). Above all the intent here is to establish a reasonable dialogue – or monologue as it stands now 🙂 and through that conversation establish a reference point, build resources, and bring reason back to the table.


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benjamincgeorge.jpg no absolutes, a framework for life

Well, Well, Well

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