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Into The Swing of Things

Some Thoughts

Into The Swing of Things

Life happens and often it is sincerely lacking in any semblance of justice, fairness, or other placated ideals that really only exist in bubbles. So, what do we do when life happens? Personally, I find myself falling back into the rabbit holes in which I’ve done the most exploring, finding familiar territory and chipping away at walls that have been etched to their seeming extreme. Sometimes I find myself a little nugget or even a tunnel into another rabbit hole that I didn’t realize were connected. It is a way to gain some perspective, that familiar territory reminds me that in the journey of life I’ve come far and with each of those steps I’ve connected many things and yet many more connections exist.

Once upon a time, I used to write thoughts like this often. I suppose the excitement of abandoning the simple and trekking down a path of uncertainty & adventure was inspiration enough. A desire to heard certainly supported the effort, but I found over time that my desire to be heard was diminished. In part, it was due to my enlightenment of the world around me. A realization that challenge my young hubris. I contented myself to explore these vast cavernous expanses until I had some form of understanding that merited being heard. At some level I simply didn’t want to be wrong, at some level I didn’t want improper ideas, thoughts, or works to define me.

This kicked off quite the adventure – one that I will be telling for the rest of my life.

In the tradition of our seemingly cyclical reality, this has come ‘full circle’, although that isn’t what a cycle is. In this ever dynamic existence, even the cycles that seem to revolve over and over are not truly doing that. Sure, the meta-occurrences seem relatively aligned, but that alignment is happening in an entirely novel place and time and the culmination of the events in the previous cycle is adjusted by this constantly changing position. Much the way our sun’s procession around our galactic plane, we will never be in the same spot twice. Even if we found ourselves in the same spot by some bit of wizardry the sum total of the events that happened between A&B would change A into B.

Life is full of these cycles and I find myself at the culmination of more than a few, stepping from A to B I’ve found my desire to be heard again. The intention is to articulate my adventures, research, experiments, and experiences into something that sometimes pushes these cycles faster and aims to slow down others extracting the richness, joy, and beauty we often cruise by awash in the many other cycles of our lives.

Indeed life happens, it is happening and there are conversations to be had so I hope you join me on this continuing adventure as I wish to have quite an array of conversations nudging cycles, and making life happen.

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I just started up a youtube channel to document this adventure. It is more than just another running story and encompasses the larger adventure that is the past 12 years of my life culminating into now. 

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