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Well, Well, Well

benjamincgeorge.jpg no absolutes, a framework for life

Well, Well, Well

A Beginning

benjamincgeorge.jpg no absolutes, a framework for life
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I went from traveling in Central and South America for 6 years of digital nomading, entrepreneuring, and exploring to years of R&D, small business, a book, a couple of startups, and this is all underpinned by a continual state of learning to now. Now is an interesting time.

I’ve found myself as a man of reason.

Deep down like everyone the desire was always to be heard, but along the path, I realized how one is heard is important as well.

How do I want to be heard?

Or do I?

For the past few years, the ‘Or do I?” has dominated my journey.

If you are reading this then the choice was made.


Who am I?

I am persistent, fierce when I need to be, and mostly calm, I’ve been a performer, a traveler, an entrepreneur, a fisherman, a singer, a partier, an artist, a programmer, a leader, a failure, a success, a realist, a skeptic, a scientist, a philosopher, a researcher, an inventor, a jester, a teacher, a creator, a writer, an asshole, a lover, an observer, a runner, a fighter, and certainly not least importantly – a friend.

I reserve the right to invoke any of these hats at my leisure.


What’s the intent of this?

I’m closer than I’ve ever been, yet feel further away – while apparently contradictory, let me explain so obtusely to only inspire questions. I’ve spent the past 15 years of my life on a very specific type of journey – looking under, at first, every rock, then understanding rocks and being a bit more deliberate in my choices. Foregoing traditional paths in my own pursuits I have found myself… here.


What now?

A bit of a good time, some different perspectives, trials & tribulations, success, failure, a fair bit of fuckery, a good deal of kindness, and authenticity to foundationalize it all.

This is a bit of an open book. I’m in the midst of many projects, trying to train for some ultra running, and deciding to broadcast my journey. There is a wide sea from automation to anthropology (wrapping the alphabet). I will also be open to any reasonable debates (not interested in topics in which common ground and logic can’t be found). Above all the intent here is to establish a reasonable dialogue – or monologue as it stands now 🙂 and through that conversation establish a reference point, build resources, and bring reason back to the table.


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benjamincgeorge.jpg no absolutes, a framework for life

Well, Well, Well

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Ultra Running Week#2 Update: Behind The Scenes


Ultra Training Week #2

Total distance 36.6mi
Total duration 07:39:00
Average pace 12:32min/mi

0 miles.

I decided that I should focus on getting the knee right and wanted to get a good chunk of the technical work done on the site. So I took the twofer. This site, all the graphics, the custom coding, the social media automation, etc is all some machination of open source projects, my skill, and useful/interesting interactions. So, for the curious I decided to open up the curtain a bit, talk about what is going on from the technical side of this project and some of those goals as that journey runs parallel with my physical journey.

As all of my projects I take a pretty fluid approach so the mechanics and scope can certainly change.

I want this website to be an interactive piece of this journey. To accomplish that it takes a pretty broad array of technical skills, but thankfully I have experience in all of them from previous adventures (Check out AddictiveAngler on youtube). However dusty those skills may be they all seem to be intact and it has been energizing getting all of the wheels greased and geared. So what am I doing?

The Website itself will be an interactive Vlog of my experiences – tracking my runs daily, capable of real-time chat, and an extension of my book.

To Accomplish this i’m building the site itself on wordpress as it offers some baked in solutions via plugins that accomplish a lot of the heavy lifting and require very little programming from myself
The Plugin Run Log, links with the Strava app (and many others, but I enjoyed Strava’s interface and simple setup I have an entirely self contained option as well).

Then I’m using The Adobe Creative Suite for video/photo editing, Open Broadcaster software for all podcasting recording and fruity loops for audio editing.

Phew… like I said a set of skills – and the best way to help your skills out is bootstrapping!

In Reverse… For fruity loops – Looperman is a free loop resource
OBS has loads of tutorials videos on youtube
Templates and tutorials for adobe products can be found in many many places, find some here to start your project.

I’m hoping a Googlefi plan will give me the opportunity to cover some races into a live running tracker but that is a bit down the line.

I’ll be testing out everything tomorrow and hopefully begin with the videos this week!

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benjamincgeorge.jpg no absolutes, a framework for life

Well, Well, Well

Well, Well, Well A Beginning By: Mr.Wizard Share this post! Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on reddit Reddit Share on email Email

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Want to run along?


Patreon is a great way for me to fund this entire adventure from gear to race buy ins and maybe even a smidge for my time – join the party for as little as $1 a month and be a part of the journey!


Sweatcoin is an awesome concept of a crypto-currency based system that rewards your to move around! Get paid to walk & run, get special offers for your hard earned sweatcoins!


I just started up a youtube channel to document this adventure. It is more than just another running story and encompasses the larger adventure that is the past 12 years of my life culminating into now. 

No Absolutes

The philosophy that is inspiring this journey, check out the preview my clocking button! This is my first book and is self published you can order on this site or amazon!