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Ultra Running Update – 4/9/2020

pink super moon colorado springs


Ultra Running Update - Reacquainted

pink super moon colorado springs

Ultra Update:

Interesting times notwithstanding, The quest of ultrarunning continues. For me, it has never been about actually doing a race, simply the distance and the ability to function as a human on the other side. As winter has given away to spring I’ve found many fewer excuses to get out and run every day and the lockdown has given me a few less to boot. I’ve been doing 3 or 4 days on and 1 or 2 days off on the running cycle depending on the weather (I’m stingy I like the sun) and general body feeling. I’m getting in at least a 4-mile runs and haven’t taken a long run in a while. I have a great circuit next to my house that can go from 3-7 miles depending on your level of desired self-abuse and is mostly single track with close to 1k feet of climb for the full circuit. It has a lot of steep single tracks elements which I really like. Running on flat ground has never really done it for me, but I get a whole different energy on a trail.

For Nutrition I’ve been terribly bad during my break however, I’ve re-adopted intermittent fasting and running every day naturally makes me gravitate towards better nutrition.

Cold showers are daily and dare I say it – almost enjoyable – part of my routine which I feel has helped me with recovery tremendously. If for no other reason than you feel like a Viking champion standing there grinning like an idiot in an avalanche of icicles – the Thorceebo effect. The immuno-boost from cold/hot is the real deal and there is almost a visceral sense of this after you get into the routine. In that same vein, breathwork is key in all of this. Being mindful of your breath, your heartbeat, and how your body moves/utilizes all of its resources allows you to teach yourself while you learn how to improve results.

Awareness, Focus, and Balance.

Be aware of yourself and your surroundings.
Be mindful of where you set your focus.
Seek balance.

As the world’s events have the vast majority enthralled on a scale never before seen it is important to remember and train the basics both mentally and physically.

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